Australian Citizenship 

What is Australian Citizenship?

Australian citizenship is different from a permanent residency as it offers additional benefits and protections. In short, Australian citizenship is the final step in your migration journey where you can call Australia your New Home. Australian citizenship grants several rights and benefits, including the ability to vote in federal, state, and local government elections, eligibility for an Australian passport, access to government services and benefits, and the opportunity to apply for certain government positions. Additionally, Australian citizens enjoy protection and support from the Australian government while overseas, as well as the right to request consular assistance from Australian embassies or consulates worldwide.

Becoming an Australian Citizen by Conferral

In Australia, migrants, spouse or partners of an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizens and other discrete groups of persons can apply for Australian Citizenship by conferral.

Australian Citizen by conferral is a common way of becoming an Australian citizen. You need to be a permanent resident and meet specific criteria before you can apply. There are several pathways to obtaining permanent residency in Australia, the most common of which are through the skilled migration program and the family migration program.

 Becoming an Australian Citizen Checklist


  • You are 18 years’ old;
  • You are a permanent resident of Australia;
  • You understand basic English & knowledge of Australia;
  • You pass the citizenship test; and
  • There is no reason for the Minister for Immigration to refuse your application.

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