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Migration to Australia is a big dream for many individuals, but the migration process can be confusing, costly, and exhausting. At Enlight Legal & Migration, we can assist you along this path and save you time, money, and worries. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we will be by your side at every stage of your migration journey to Australia, from initial consultations to guidance in various migration and settlement processes, ensuring you navigate this experience as smoothly as possible. With the experience and expertise at our disposal, we can advise you on the best Australian visa for your circumstances, whether it’s a skilled work visa,  family visa, or tourist visa. 

We are well aware of the ups and downs of the migration journey to Australia through our experience. That’s why our collaboration with you is more than just a professional relationship; we see it as a long-term partnership on your migration path. With accurate and up-to-date information, we explain the confusing laws to you, steer clear of unnecessary delays, and accompany you at every stage of your migration journey. This companionship, empathy, and our experience will be among the most crucial factors in your success on the migration path to Australia.

Visa Types

There are multiple visa options for overseas family members to join an Australian citizen or permanent resident in Australia. These include Partner Visas for spouses, de facto partners, and fiancés, as well as Parent Visas for parents which can facilitate family reunification.
The Subclass 189 Australia Skilled Independent Visa is considered one of the independent migration visas to Australia, for which you do not need sponsorship from an employer or family members, or state sponsorship to apply.
One of the key pathways for migrating to Australia is through employer sponsorship. This migration program is especially designed for individuals who want to be employed by an Australian employer.
Visa refusal is among the issues you may encounter in your immigration journey. A visa refusal means the rejection of an individual's visa application by the Australian Department of Home Affairs, which may occur for various reasons.
While leaving behind one's life, home, family, friends, and homeland can indeed be a difficult decision for most people, there are times when individuals may be faced with circumstances that require them to leave their country and homeland.
Australian citizenship represents a significant milestone, offering a sense of belonging and full participation in the life of a vibrant and diverse nation. It provides various privileges, including the right to vote, and the ability to apply for an Australian passport.

Our Process for Migration

1. Initial Consultation

The first step is to meet with Elaha Zafari for an initial consultation so that she can understand your personal situation to see which visas might suit you, and whether you can meet their criteria. She will then be able to offer an opinion on your eligibility for a Visa and whether you might be eligible for an alternative visa.

2. Evaluate Situation - Pre Visa-Application

Once you decide what type of visa suits your situation based on our advice of the initial consultation we will provide our fees and the government visa application fees (if any) for your prospective visa.  If you agree with the fees, we will start working on your visa application by collecting all the necessary information and documents to complete your visa applications.

3. File The Case to The Court – Post Visa Application

Once the application has been submitted, we will follow up with the Department of Home Affairs  to check on the application’s status and keep you informed of its progress. We understand the importance of staying updated on the progress of your application and we will keep you informed about any updates, changes, or additional requirements that may arise during the process. 

4. Gather More Information - Final Decision of the Application

Once your application has been approved, we will explain your visa conditions and anything you need to do to comply with your visa. Please note that you must comply with your visa conditions.  We expect your application to be successful but if for any reason it is not, we will explain to you why this has happened and what options are available to you for an appeal or re-application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do our service cost?

At Enlight Legal & Migration, where possible, we provide a fixed fee.  This fee includes all services we provide on your matter from start to finish.  We take the time to understand your matter before any work or fees are incurred, then advise you of the costs and whether you are willing to proceed.

Why does a visa cancellation or refusal consultation cost more?

The legal and factual issues in visa cancellation and refusal matters are more complex and time-consuming to deal with compared to an initial visa option consultation. We take great care to consider all possible grounds for review. We have positive experiences in appeals to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal and Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

What is a bridging visa A?

It is a temporary visa that allows you to stay in Australia after your current substantive visa ceases and while your new substantive visa application is being processed.

Can I appeal a refusal of an offshore humanitarian visa?

If you have received an offshore humanitarian visa refusal your options to appeal may be limited. Instead it may be an option apply again for the visa.

You should read your visa refusal notice carefully to understand:

  • if you have the right to appeal your decision
  • the timeframe available to lodge the appeal
  • the relevant appeal body your appeal should be directed to.

Can I apply for another visa after receiving a visa refusal?

In some circumstances you can apply again for another visa after you have received a visa refusal. To apply for a new visa you need to meet the requirements of that visa and not be subject to any visa bars. 

What are the reasons for a visa cancellation?

There are several reasons for visa cancellation such as providing false information or documents on the  visa application and non-compliant with visa conditions. 

Can I appeal a section 501 visa cancellation?

The appeal options should be outlined in your 501 cancellation or refusal decision notification from the Department of Home Affairs. If you have received a 501 cancellation or refusal, you should speak to a lawyer about the appeals process. 

What Australian tourist visas are available?

Visitor visa – Subclass 600

Visitor visa – subclass 651

Working Holiday visa – Subclass 417

Work and Holiday visa – Subclass 462

Are skilled visas temporary or permanent residency visas?

Skilled visas can be temporary residence or permanent residency visas and many of the skilled temporary residence visas have a pathway to permanent residency.

What is an Expression of Interest (EOI)?

An expression of interest (EOI) is not a visa application; rather, it is a request to be invited to submit an application for a skilled visa. It’s a free online form asking you a series of questions about how you intend to score your points for a subclass 189, 190 or 491 visa application. It is crucial that your points are  calculated correctly. Meeting the required points score will enable you to submit an expression of interest to the Department. 

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