Onshore Humanitarian (Protection) Visas

Onshore Humanitarian Visas

The onshore program processes asylum seekers who apply for protection on or after arrival in Australia. Asylum seekers in the onshore program either arrive by boat (characterised as “Illegal Maritime Arrivals “(IMA)) or by plane (characterised as “non – Illegal Maritime Arrivals” or Authorised Air Arrivals).

Australia offers onshore humanitarian visas, known as ‘protection visas’ to refugees who cannot return to their home country. You can apply for the following onshore protection visas while you are in Australia:

  • Protection visa (subclass 866) (permanent visa)
  • Safe Haven Enterprise visa (subclass 790) (5-year temporary protection visa)
  • Temporary Protection visa (subclass 785) (3-year temporary protection visa)

If you currently hold or formerly held a ​Temporary Protection visa (subclass 785) or a Safe Haven Enterprise visa (subclass 790) and you arrived in Australia before 14​ February 2023 ​you may be able to apply for a Resolution of Status visa (subclass 851)​.

Eligibility For Onshore Humanitarian Visas

You may be eligible for an onshore humanitarian visa, known as a ‘protection visa’ if you are already in Australia and you cannot return to your home country because you fear that you will be persecuted because of your race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or membership of a particular social group.

To meet the requirements for an onshore protection visa, you must be found to be a refugee or to engage Australia’s complementary protection obligations. The requirements of an onshore protection visa can be quite complicated. In general you need to show:

  • You are at risk of persecution or serious harm in your home country
  • You are at risk of persecution because of your race, nationality, religion, political opinion
  • You are unable to move to another part of your home country where you would be safe
  • The authorities in your home country are unable to unwilling to protect you
  • You meet Australia’s identity, health and character requirements

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